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Market Listings

  • The AA Independent Press Guide: "A free, online resource for writers" compiled by Dee Rimbaud. Detailed listings of over 2,000 literary & genre magazines and publishers from around the world, plus links to over 750 internet magazines. Also links to writers' and artists' personal webpages and other useful resources.
  • Bluejack's Quintamid Market Database: Quintamid is the brainchild of Bluejack. The vision? A collection of related applications, services, and sites of interest to all those active in the so-called 'Speculative Fiction' genres -- Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror.
  • Challenging Destiny: Canadian science fiction and fantasy short story magazine published by Crystalline Sphere Publishing.
  • Clam City's Writer's and Artist's Resources and Market Listings: a list of market listings
  • The Critters Black Hole List: While many Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror magazine and book publishers respond to submissions in a timely manner, many don't; and sometimes their response times are at odds with those stated in their guidelines. Which is to say, when writers submit a manuscript to an editor, they often feel like they've launched it toward a black hole.
  • Duotrope: Listing over 3000 current fiction and poetry publications.
  • For Writers Market Listing
  • The International Directory of Little Magazines & Small Presses: Len Fulton, Ed.. "The Bible of the business", this print directory contains over 4000 very detailed listings of magazines and publishers.
  • The Market List: A Resource for Genre Fiction Writers
  • Michael Engen's Science Fiction & Fantasy Market Engine
  • Mary Soon Lee's list of Speculative Fiction Markets: this page contains links to Web pages of paying markets for short science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories.
  • NewPages Guide to Literary Magazines
  • NobleFusion
  • : Produced by a group of writers committed to improving their skills, selling their work and making it easier for new talent to find their place in the science fiction/ fantasy/ horror writing community. Market information comes from published writers.
  • Places for Writers
  • Paula Fleming's Market List
  • Ralan's SpecFic and Humor Webstravaganza
  • SFWA Author Information Center: The SFWA page on manuscript preparation and the craft of writing.
  • SFWA Bulletin: The SFWA Bulletin is a quarterly magazine produced by theScience Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)
  • SFWA Magazine Links: We are making an effort to list only those magazines that pay their contributors, although the payment range varies wildly and few of them meet SFWA professional standards
  • SLF Market Listings
  • is an online resource guide for speculative fiction fans and writers. Inside you'll find thousands of helpful links to several publications and resources from around the globe.
  • market updates since July of 1996; one month behind what is sent to their paying customers. Reports are in plain text, dated, as sent out to their subscribers.
  • Spicy Green Iguana: This site is designed for writers of Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy, as well as artists and readers searching for new markets to submit their work.
  • Writer's Markets: A community for markets, guidelines, submission calls, contests, auditions, jobs, crew calls, contracts, grants,etc ...
  • Writer's Markets for Speculative Fiction: SF/F/H: A community for writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror to exchange Calls for Submission and pertinent market information.
  • The Write Market: The Write Market is an online writer's market list - which has been online since 1996. They feature regular writing news and more then 1000 links in 45 categories all in one place. They also offer a wide selection of services for writers like free web hosting, software, forums, terms, quotes, and other useful features.
  • Writers Writer: list of paying markets